I am an engineer, not a P.E., just a engineer by degree.  I have always enjoyed learning about the physical world and thus my pursuit down the engineering path commenced.

I started out getting a A.S. in engineering science form my local community collage.  After my success in community collage I went to my state university where I got my B.S. in Mechanical engineering.  That is where the fun started, learning all the different physical phenomenon and being able to get a reasonable prediction.  It was great.

But my pursuit of education was not complete, After 2 years of working, I went back to school for a Masters in Electrical engineering, concentrating in mechatronics.  Which consists of basic signal analysis, motor selections, a fine addition to my engineering knowledge.

Now that my schooling is done, for now, I am using my knowledge on personal project to hone my skills in engineering and maybe push human knowledge a little further.